It all started in kindergarten one day during arts and crafts when I developed an urge to render Darth Vader
in finger paint. The years following would be filled with drawing after drawing of all of the things that inspired
me. Spaceships, animals, creatures and many science fiction/fantasy images from the movies I watched. This as well as copying my favorite movie artists was how I learned to draw and paint in those early days.

Fast forward and I'm 24 when my then girlfriend, now wife, convinced me that community college was not a solid long term lifestyle choice and suggested that I look into art school. It was then in the Fall of '95 that I decided to go to Art Center and study Illustration, like two of my childhood heroes Ralph Mcquarrie and Syd Mead. At Art Center I found that the extremely high level of student work and the caliber of teaching there helped drive me to new standards in my own work. I tried everything from Children's Book illustration to Fine Art while I was there and I learned that all of these paths have such great possibilities as an Illustrator. I eventually came back to what really got me interested in art the first place, and that was designing for film and Science Fiction/Fantasy Illustration. I graduated with distinction from Art Center in 1998 and through an on-campus interview I got a job as a production assistant in the Industrial Light & Magic art department. I began doing artwork for their digital features division within the month, and from there I began work as a concept artist on Steven Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence. Now a Senior VFX Art Director I am still having fun working in film and illustrating for print.


2014 Noah - Concept Artist
2013 Star Trek 2: Into Darkness - Concept Artist
2011 Cowboys & Aliens - VFX Art Director
2011  Rango - Concept Artist
2010 The Last Airbender -  VFX Art Director
2009 Terminator Salvation - VFX Art Director
2008 Indy 4 - VFX Art Director
2007 The Spiderwick Chronicles - VFX Art Director
2006 Eragon – Visual Effects art Director
2005 MUNICH - Digital Artist
2005 JARHEAD - Visual Effects Art Director
2005  WAR OF THE WORLDS - Visual Effects Art Director
2004 THE VILLAGE – Visual Effects Art Director
2004 TALISMAN – Concept Artist
2004 VAN HELSING – Visual Effects Art Director
2003 PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN - Concept Artist
2003 THE HULK - Concept Artist
2002 TERMINATOR 3 - Concept Artist
2002 MEN IN BLACK 2 - Concept Artist
2001 THE MUMMY RETURNS – Concept Artist
2001 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – Storyboard/ Concept Artist